Eye Shadow Blending Makeup Brushes - 12 Piece Lot

Eye Shadow Blending Makeup Brushes - 12 Piece Lot

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Makeup blending brushes are a must have for anyone that wears eye shadow, foundation, blush, or uses an eyebrow pencil, etc.  The blending makeup brushes are simple to use by using brush strokes and blending makeup on your face, chin, forehead, nose, eye shadow blending, cheeks, etc.  Blending makeup brushes help even out colors and make your skin look more natural and radiant. Blending makeup brushes work with creams, dry makeup, etc. This 12 piece makeup blending brushes set, with a wide variety of brush sizes, is a perfect buy for applying and blending all of your makeup.  Great gift for anyone who enjoys applying makeup or trying new styles and colors.


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Item Type:  Makeup Blending Brushes

Brush Material:  Synthetic Hair, Nylon, and Wool Fiber

Used With:  Sets & Kits

Quantity:  12 Pieces Per Lot

Size:  15.6cm to 16.7cm (6.14 to 6.57 in)

Handle Material:  Plastic

Model Number:  HOT1811

Material:  Synthetic Hair

Colors:  Black, Light Champagne and Blush Pink

Ferrule:  Aluminum

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