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A Gal Can Never Have too Much Jewelry

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A little about me I thought you might want to know. I started selling jewelry in 1996 at swap meets and anywhere I could. People told me I should get my own site and let people know what great low prices I have to offer and the high-quality of everything I sell. Well, as you can see I did just that. I started selling online about 10 years ago and have helped so many get amazing jewelry at fantastic prices. I will never sell anything on my site at regular prices. In fact, I sell everything so close to wholesale prices so everyone can afford to shop on my jewelry site.

There are so many jewelry stores online it is hard to know if you are getting the best deal on the items you are wanting so bad. Well, you are at the right jewelry site when you buy from me here at Specialty Jewelry Store. Just click this link to start shopping now:

This is some information I thought you might like to know about the pricing of jewelry. Azcentral, (2019)

This is from the link above about Sterling Silver

"The gross margin on sterling silver jewelry is higher than on gold. Ninety percent of the retailers reported margins greater than 48 percent for silver, while only 72 to 74 percent had margins of 48 percent on gold. When two pieces of jewelry are placed side by side, one of silver and one of white gold, the consumer has a tendency to purchase the sterling silver jewelry because it comes across as a much better deal. Sterling silver is used with colored gemstones as well as diamonds".

I hope you find this helpful or at least interesting.

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