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3-Piece Set Slicer, Shredder, Peeler, Julienne Cutter With Stainless Steel Blade

3-Piece Set Slicer, Shredder, Peeler, Julienne Cutter With Stainless Steel Blade

$10.99 Regular Price
$6.74Sale Price

We offer a 3-piece set that includes a slicer, peeler, Julienne cutter, and shredder.  Our high quality vegetable peeler features dual ultra sharp, surgical stainless steel, double-edge blades.  For effortless peeling, the stainless steel blades stay sharp and swivel. The handle remains comfortable even after repetitive strokes.  Our 3-piece set offers a built-in potato eye remover and orange peeler. A must have for your kitchen utensil collection. This would make a great gift for a bridal shower, a family member who enjoys cooking, graduate, new home owner, etc.  The regular price was $8.99 and the peeler is now being offered for only $3.75 (that is only $1.25 a peeler!) from Specialty Jewelry Store. Buy several at this unbelievable bargain price!


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3-Piece Set Stainless Steel Blade Slicer, Shredder, Peeler, & Julienne Cutter

$8.99 Regular Price 


Color:   Red, Blue and Black

Material:   Plastic & Stainless Steel

Size:   50mm/68mm/50mm  (1.96 in. x 2.67 in. x 1.96 in)


(slicer - 74,000 volume)

(peeler - 6,600 volume)

(Julienne cutter - 12,100 volume)

(Stainless Steel blade - 260 volume)

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