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Portable Travel 5-Piece Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set

Portable Travel 5-Piece Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set

$15.00 Regular Price
$9.85Sale Price

This portable travel set of makeup brushes is fabulous for trips, to carry in your purse, everyday use or even to keep in your car or desk at work.  The portable travel tube holds a variety of five different brushes for applying eye shadow, liner, lip liner, eyebrow shadows, and blushes. Choose from a thin brush to thicker for applying different types of powder or cream makeup.  The eye makeup brush set is made of high quality horsehair. Choose from five different fun colors. These cute sets make great gifts for young girls, teens or adults. What a fun Christmas stocking gift or present topper too. This 5-Piece Mini Eye Best Makeup Brush Set is offered at a phenomenal price of only $6.00 each!  **Please note** Color tone may be slightly different than shown.


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Description:  Portable Travel 5-Piece Mini Eye Makeup Brush Set

Material:   Horsehair and Aluminum

Colors (as shown):    Choose Sets in Black, Purple, Pink, Gold or Green

Tube:  6” x 0.9 inches

Brush Length:  4.9” to 5.3”

Conversion:  1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 cm = 0.393 inches

Package Includes:   I Set of Five Brushes and Portable Tube Holder

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