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Essential Oil Jewelry Aroma Necklace

Essential Oil Jewelry Aroma Necklace

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You are buying the pendant and getting the necklace free! 


Material: volcanic stone,metal:silver plated cooper, nickel and lead free.

NecklaceLength: Approximate 18.8inch/46cm(Copper with Rhodium Plating)


-How to use:
Just rub a drop of essential oil on to the lava stone and enjoy the aroma for a few hours or up to a few days, depending on the oil you use.  Once the aroma fades away, re-apply oil or oils on to the lava bead
- Lava stones are safe with essential oil, it will become glossy and prettier when soak in it. Lava stone never get corrupted or dissolve in essential oil no matter how long time. you can use it with essential oil as long as you want.
About natural lava Stone:
-Lava stones are unique in that naturally-formed voids and irregular surfaces are part of their beauty.  The porous material of the rock is what allows the scent to stay and last. 



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