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Finger Panda Intelligent Interactive Toy

Finger Panda Intelligent Interactive Toy

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This finger toy has special sensors that allow it to respond to touch, motion, sound, and shake in different ways.

It can also sense when you change its position, right side up, or hang upside down. When you kiss toward its face, it will kiss you back.
Touch your baby panda's head for a second, you will hear a burp.
If you sway it from side to side, you can hear its laugh. Your baby panda loves to be rocked and cradled in the pump of your hand.
Besides, it also can shake head, whistle and sing, and even more.


Main Features:
High-quality ABS, eco-friendly and durable
Small and lightweight, easy to carry
Flexible grip design allows it to grip on different objects, such as your mark, bag, even the bookcase in your room
A pretty toy can interact with your kids, bringing them great fun
Powered by 4 built-in LR44 button batteries

Size: 100mm tall x 59mm wide ( 3.93) in. x (2.32) in.


Available Colors: Purple, Pink, Gray, Brown, Blac or Light Blue


If it has no responsibility for your touch, it might be asleep, turn it on. If it still doesn't respond, maybe it's time to replace the battery
Materials: ABS
Theme: Animals
Features: Battery Operated,Creative Toy
Series: Entertainment, Fashion

Package Includs:

1 x fingerlings toy





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