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Jun Pad-Wireless Smartphone Charger+Stress Ball

Jun Pad-Wireless Smartphone Charger+Stress Ball

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This is not just a wireless cell phone charger but a stress ball too. Comes in may colors to match any decor.

Led night light

Fast wireless charger Plug into a power adapter(not included) ( the one you use for your cell phone.) 

You will place Your smart phone will on the top of the charger.
When not is use it can be used as a stress ball. You can squeeze it lightly when you are under stress or just to help you concentrate. 

Size: 80mm x 80mm x 65mm  (3.14) in x (3.14) in  x (2.55) in,

Weight: 85g

Compatible devices list below:

i phone: i phone8, i phone8Pl us, i phoneX

Samsung: SG/SGEDGE, S6edge+NOTE5, S7/S7edge, S8/S8++NOTE8

LG:  G3,G5 G6/G +

NOKIA:  Lumi a830,l umi a 920, Lumi a 1020, Lumi a 1520, Lumi a 930

YOTA:   Yota phone2

Google:   Nexus4, NEXUS5, Nexus6

If your Smart Phone is not equipped with wireless function,an additional wireless charging receiver should be purchased. (Most smart phones come with this already in the phone.) Please keep the charger away from water or other liquid. If you need to clea the charger, please make sure it is not connected to a power supply.Compatible devices list:

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